An Extraordinary Entertainment Experience!

Why settle for the ordinary when mentalist Jim Eggold can take you and everyone at your special event on a wonderful journey into the mysteries of the mind?


More than just a show, this is an entertainment experience that will not only amaze and amuse but will actually have audience members questioning their own understanding of the abilities of the human mind.


You’ll see demonstrations of telepathy…precognition…and even telekinesis as Jim Eggold inspires audience members to dig deeper into their own cognitive potential and proves that the powers of the human mind are, indeed, truly limitless.


When you need entertainment that does more than amuse but rather inspires an audience, let Jim Eggold take you through a guided tour of the mysteries of the mind.



The reviews are in..!

“Jim’s work is unbelievable. Get ready for a mind-boggling and exciting experience. Still trying to figure out how he does it!”—Matt Vioral, The Gersh Agency


“Jim is truly amazing and made me question my senses. Truly what I was experiencing was not possible. He provided a fun-filled and mystical evening for our guests…a great addition to any event!”—Mike Hamilton, Ernst & Young


“Jim truly embraces ‘mind over matter.’ An unbelievable evening!”—Dr. Jeanne Harris-Caldwell,  Director of Student Health Services, Saddleback College


“I have known Jim Eggold for many years and he is one of the most intuitive and outstanding practitioners of the art of mentalism I have ever known. I cannot say enough good things about him.”—Richard Osterlind


“A night full of memorable, jaw-dropping performances. He made the night very special!”—John Heffernan, External Affairs, AT&T


“Jim’s a guy who could be your next door neighbor.  Then, he gets into his act and tells you the middle name of your third grandchild and you realize he’s not your neighbor. He’s a witch!”—Jim Leach, South OC Economic Coalition


“Jim is extremely engaging, combining wit and charm to bring the audience into a top-notch experience.”—Dan Klock, CEO Bridgetown Natural Foods


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